IGfollower: Increase Your Instagram Real Followers & Likes For Free – 2024

In modern era, everyone active in social media and update every time in daily life. And Instagram app which connects people together from different countries through this social media platform. And we will talk about IGFollower platform through this blog. Yes, such a platform helps users to increase followers and likes for free.

What is IGfollower?

IGfollower is a tool that helps you increase your Instagram followers for free. It claims to gain instant followers on your Instagram account. But You have to follow some process to get followers, you have to increase your followers. You will have to fill your name and also give some other information. Involves interacting with the Igfollower community.

This is an additional Instagram scraper that automates the procedure of obtaining user profiles. This also includes publicly accessible emails from Instagram followers and followers. This tool has received five stars.

Unique Key Features

As you have a clear idea, that feature is one that plays an important role in the success of the Tool. Given below are the list of number of feature are:-

  • Easy Export: You can easily export your followers or the accounts you are following with the help of the IGFollower Tool’s user-friendly interface.
  • Scale Counts: IG Tools guarantees that you can examine even the largest following by allowing you to export up to 50,000 followers.
  • Versatile Formats: To make your data analysis process easier, choose between the carefully structured CSV and Excel formats, each with the necessary columns.
  • Column Clarity: To provide you with a thorough understanding of your audience, supported columns include a verification status indicator, user name, full name, URL of the profile picture, and a digital Instagram ID.

Price Structure of the IGFollower

These days, nothing is offered for free. Yes, there is no exception with this tool. For certain useful services, they charge you. The two plans that this tool offers to use their services are listed below.

  1. Pro Plan: This plan increases the export limit to 100,000 followers, or followers at a time. It is highly recommended. The group has decided to lower the monthly cost from $15.95 to $12.95. If you select this plan, you will receive extra services. They will provide you with the same data extraction features as the Free Plan in addition to premium support.
  2. Free Plan: At this time, only 500 followers can be exported with this plan. Public emails and a basic user profile are included with this package. Verify that this place only offers minimal help.

Note: Don’t worry, both plans offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first seven days of usage.

Tips For You To Master IGFollower Export Tool

For that reason, this is the part that has been prepared especially for you. We’ve figured out some tips to help you use this tool, since we know how important it is for many of you. These days, having a big following isn’t a sign of vanity. It is a calculated move, though.

IG Tools is pleased to provide the application Export Tool. Here’s your undiscovered toolkit for Instagram growth. Please share some advice with us below.

  • Choosing the Correct Tool is Crucial. We are grateful to IG Tools for making Instagram growth more accessible than before. Due to its efficiency and user-friendly interface, this tool is the preferred choice among users.
  • Don’t forget that this tool is the best when it comes to a high-end experience. Yes, with the first 500 profiles available for free during a paid extension. To maximize the potential of their Instagram following, IGFollower was created.
  • You don’t need to worry about the export being straightforward when you use this tool. You can achieve new heights with this tool. It automatically gathers user profiles from followers and follows on Instagram. Therefore, anyone may start utilizing this program in a few simple steps. 
  • When there are rate limit errors, you must make sure to cool down mode activation. In the past, the rate of progressive cooldown has increased if mistakes persist. It has previously been stated that this program is freemium. With this program, you may export your first 500 followers for free.
  • Security and privacy are always superior. First and foremost is always your Instagram security. Never provide your social media login credentials because not all of these tools require them. Your user information, emails, and data should all be kept secure and confidential.
  • Within the first seven days of purchasing any pricing plan for this tool, you will receive a complete money refund guarantee.


In conclusion, you have a wide range of options for your Instagram development when you utilize our IGFollower. Never forget that knowing and interacting with your audience is more important than worrying about the stats.