www.amolcreation.in: Video Editing Tutorial For Beginners

In the emerging world, editing remains the main career choice among people. In such a situation, people look for online tutorials to learn it so that they can promote their passion and move ahead in their career. There is a website of amolcreation for those people. Amol Creation is a well-known website known for creating a variety of informative and editing tutorial blogs. This platform is based in India and has gained massive fame in the editing world for its amazing tutorials and coverage of different domains. Well, the purpose of this blog is to tell you about this platform named www.amolcreation.in, its purpose, features and its other information.

Information About www.amolcreation.in

Amol Creation is a platform which is extremely popular for various blogs and articles on editing tutorials. It not only includes editing but also includes some informative blogs. The user interface of www.amolcreation.in includes options like Alight Motion, EFX Alight Motion Editing, Trending Editing, etc. And in this, blogs are classified into many categories like – informative, light motion, light motion video etc.

When you go to the home page of Amol Creation, you will see some categories written on the top and on the right side you get different good quality blogs with a collection section. Many of these blogs provide proper links to redirect to editing tools and also other information as reference for their users.

Some Categories Of www.amolcreation.in

There are some categories given under Amol Creations which is as follows:

1. Alight Motion

This category of www.amolcreation.in includes some editing tutorial blogs classified under the label of Alight Motion. Various blogs in different languages are mentioned under this category. In this, some articles are related to how to edit Instagram reels and some are related to how to edit different songs. After you go to the homepage of this website, immediately click on the Lite Motion option and you will be redirected there.

2. EFX Elite Motion Editing

In this category, users can find various posts related to EFX Elite Motion Editing. Under this, posts like Friendship Photos, EFX Boys Video Editing, “Aankhe To Kholo Swami Video Editing Alight Motion” etc. have been included. It is mainly based on tutorials on how to edit photos and videos.

3. Alite Motion Video Editing

Amol creation website also has another category alight motion video editing. This category includes blogs and articles on editing tutorials on Alite Motion video editing. This category is the same as the first category, i.e., alight motion.

Some Characteristics Of Amol Creation Website

Amol Creations website for those who want to learn editing or want to get some knowledge about it. For them this is one of the proper guides and websites. There are various features of this website, some of which are given below:

Interactive and easy to understand interface

www.amolcreation.in website can be understood very easily. In this you can find articles of every category in clear form and with proper labels.


It has a separate category for month by month articles. Which includes articles or blogs published in that specific month of that year.

Detailed Contents

The articles given on this website are given only after thorough research. Every article content is of high quality. Also, many articles also contain hyperlinks relevant to users consent. This website also provides many other features to its users. Which you can experience while using it.


Through this post we can conclude that, The website www.amolcreation.in is probably a great site to learn editing, especially for those who want to start out. It has high quality editor tutorial blogs. Through which it becomes very easy to learn editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is it free to use Amol Creation’s website?

Ans. Yes, users do not have to make any payment to use its website. It can be used free of cost. To access, simply click on https://www.amolcreation.in/ and get redirected directly to the website.

Q.2 Can I read old articles published on the Amol Creation’s website?

Ans. Yes, there is an archive section that includes older articles. For this you just have to click on the months given in the section and select the month for which you want to read the article. Then you can read the article after the selection process is completed.

Q.3 Which is better alight motion or CapCut?

Ans. If we talk about audio editing then the capability of CapCut is better than Alight Motion. However, CapCut’s extensive capabilities are basic – nowhere near the extensive customizable options available in Alight Motion. If you want a standard, free video editor that gets the job done, the CapCut may be a better option.

Q.4 What characteristics are found in light motion?

Ans. Among professional motion design apps, Alight Motion is the first design app. It provides you with professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing and much more. 

Q.5 Is Alight Motion correct?

Ans. Some research has found that Alight Motion for iOS devices is a great editing software. The layout of which is almost like a scaled down version of After Effects including graphs and effects.