ipluseleve: Unlocking Online Education Resource For All Children

In today’s digital age where everything is required online. In such a situation, many platforms have started providing online facilities for students to study and in this direction, a user-friendly online space designed to enhance the communication and collaboration between primary school teachers and students. Whose name is ipluseleve.

This i+eleve is a student forum. The platform acts as a virtual hub at the platform. Through which many teachers connect with their young learners and also with parents. And continuously solve all the problems of their studies. Well, we are going to tell about this education platform.

What is ipluseleve?

The i+eleve student platform aims to provide an accessible online environment to students. In which primary school teachers communicate with their students with great ease and simplicity. In this, teachers share valuable information with their students. And it allows those teachers to assign homework to students effectively.

It provides an immersive and interactive educational experience to the students. This platform, students have access to resources including class notebooks and Chenelière Education educational manuals.

How to ipluseleve Login ?

Are you also interested in joining an i+eleve student space? You can be sure of a seamless login process. For that you just have to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, open any browser and go to ipluseleve.ca.
  • Input the given group code.
  • Enter username and make a strong password.
  • Then confirm authentication and click on “Login”.
  • Thus, in this way you enter a world of educational possibilities.

Access to i+eleve Student Space:

Before starting your educational journey, you need to follow the general steps given below. These easy steps are as follows:

  • First you need to log in to your I+ student account.
  • Open any of your web browsers and go to official site.
  • You will see an identification form. Type the group code given there.
  • Then, enter the username and password associated with the student’s account.
  • Finally, confirm everything and click on the “Login” button.

Platform Resources and Features

Once a student signs in, they have access to a ton of tools and materials to enhance their learning experience.

  1. Chenelière Education Classroom Notebook: Explore all class notebooks for easy access to learning materials.
  2. Academic Manual: Stick to the educational manuals used in class for a comprehensive learning experience.
  3. Extra-Curricular Involvement: Encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities. This platform offers features that make children’s learning enjoyable and interactive.
  4. Individualized Activities and Games: The personalized activities that teachers share are engaging. Which also has fun educational games that promote group learning. Due to which team spirit develops in children.

Searching for Educational Manuals

In addition to the classroom notebook, ipluseleve gives you access to a variety of educational manuals used in the classroom. These manuals serve as comprehensive guides to various topics in the classroom. This promotes learning experience in children.

Advantages of Educational Manuals on ipluseleve

There are too many advantages of exploring education manuals on I+. Some of which are as follows:

  • Extensive coverage: The educational manuals available on ipluseleve cover a variety of subjects taught in the classroom. So that students have proper understanding of all the syllabus.
  • Additional resources: This allows students to access all the resources in the manual. These provide additional support for complex concepts. It also promotes the process of independent learning.
  • Advanced learning experience: With the help of these manuals, students gain deep understanding in the subjects. Which leads to a richer and more immersive experience.
  • Teacher-Approved Materials: All educational content on i+eleve, including class notebooks and manuals, is teacher-approved. Which guarantees relevancy and accuracy of the content.

Students Participating in Exciting Extracurricular Activities

Taking part in exciting extracurricular activities at ipluseleve

Students should also be involved in a world outside their classroom. This can enrich their educational experience. i+eleve encourages students to get involved in various extra- curricular programs. Through which they get special benefits and exciting facilities.

  1. Unleash the joy with educational games: In such a situation, you should step into that area where you are getting to learn the subject through sports. i+eleve is designed to make learning fun. It offers a variety of educational games. Students can participate in these games individually or in groups. Which promotes team spirit. And helps in learning the subject in an entertaining way.
  2. Building Social Skills Through Team Participation: It believes in the power of teamwork. Students are encouraged to participate in group activities, fostering social skills, teamwork and a sense of community. Involvement in these activities not just expands the knowledge of students but also develops valuable interpersonal skills.
  3. Benefits Beyond the Class: Participating in extracurricular programs takes you beyond the textbooks. Students at ipluseleve receive a holistic educational experience. Experience, such as developing leadership skills with opportunities to enhance self-esteem and foster a lifelong love of learning. The benefits of these activities stretch far beyond the traditional classroom setting.


The ipluseleve platform has come to the fore as a user-friendly and accessible tool. Through this, the communication gap between primary school teachers, students and parents has reduced significantly. The educational experience of students has improved through this platform.

i+eleve has made it extremely easy to access class notebooks, personalized activities and educational games. It provides a collaborative learning environment. Parents can confidently guide their children through this. Also taking advantage of the resources available for educational development.