TouchCric: Indian Premier Live Cricket Streaming App

Are you tired of constant busy schedules? They keep you from watching key cricket moments. You don’t need to worry; TouchCric is here to change how cricket fans watch and take part in the game! In this in-depth review and guide, we will delve into TouchCric’s world.

In this article we are going to talk about the platform and its features. You will also get to know about the process to start using the platform. So read the article carefully without any kind of restriction.

What is TouchCric?

TouchCric is an exclusive sports related mobile application developed by VOL Solutions. It provides sports related content and connects with users. You will never lose your cricket to your favorite cricketer with the application and informed latest news, articles and updates in sports world. The platform has many features and an easy interface. It attracted a lot of attention and soon became the top choice for cricket fans.

TouchCric with unique features

As you have heard, that feature is the most important assignment in the success of the platform. Given below are the list of various feature that the website offer to the user are:-

  • Live Match Streaming: Imagine enjoying the comforts of your living room. Or, playing a game on the go and being treated as if you were in the stadium. The Platform has live match streaming. You can enjoy high-quality video and audio streaming on your device.
  • Real-time Match Updates: Stay up to date on all the latest match developments on Even if you can’t watch the game live, stay informed with real-time notifications. They tell you about every wicket, boundary, and milestone. It is for multitasking individuals. They want to keep up with the news while they are buried in daily tasks. This feature becomes invaluable to them.
  • Interactive Highlights: You can thoroughly enjoy the exciting portions of the game with The Platform immersive highlights. This feature lets you experience a part of the game that no other cricket coverage can match. It’s the suspense around wickets, huge sixes, and deep catches. You can pause, fast-forward, and slow down a movement. This lets you savor each moment of a cricket match in detail.
  • Player Analysis and Statistics: The Platform offers player analytics and exclusive stats. It is for true cricket enthusiasts. Learn the batting averages and bowling figures. You need them to fully assess your favorite player’s performance. This feature is great. It’s ideal for people who like debating and talking about many topics.

Guide To Using TouchCric App

Installing and using the app is a straightforward process. One way is to search for the app store on any of your devices, find the app, and install it. You must create an account after installing it before you can start playing cricket in a new setting. The app’s features are meant to be easily accessible and used by non-techies, which is why it was created.

Why TouchCric is the Best Option for The User?

Cricket apps are widely available these days, but TouchCric stands out for its superb innovation and user experience. For the following reasons, it stands apart from the competition: 

  • User Friendly Interface: The Platform usability is the factor that takes the user into consideration. The app makes its features very easy to access. This makes it nearly impossible for non-techies to use it. It does this using clever interfaces and simple graphics.
  • Multi-device compatibility: It works on multiple devices without interruption. You can use it on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. You can enjoy cricket in a way that suits you. You can use a tablet, desktop, or mobile.
  • Customizable Notifications: The app has taken the time to provide a simple method for users to manage their preferences. It knows that its diverse user base gets notifications in different ways. For this reason, the app offers customizable notifications, allowing you to select which alerts to receive and how often. Instead of experiencing notifications or overload, create a customized experience.


In summary, TouchCric is more than just an app for cricket; it’s a comprehensive guide to the game that puts the excitement, feelings, and spirit of the game right at your fingertips. In the cricket world, the app  represents a new way of thinking thanks to its creative features, intuitive UI, and commitment to raising fan engagement. So, the question is, for what purpose? Download the app now to make your cricket experience even better and reach new heights.